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april 2014

In internet time, April was forever ago. However, we were busy finishing up with college so everything here at Grape Mag HQ kind of got put on hold. Anyway, we made it and we’ll be up to date in no time.

We came across some awesome new artists in April like Rich Tommy’s Jeph Anthony, the crooner behind the opening track of the mix, Nikes, whos Wassup VIP edit we can’t get enough of and HADE. April also brought us the tragic, untimely death of Dj Rashad, Rest In Piece, and amongst the huge numbers of tribute sets and mixes we came across this gem of a track by HADE with an amazing back story. HADE was in attendance at Rashad’s lecture at the Madrid RBMA and upon hearing of Rashad’s death, he created a track intent on spreading some of the words of wisdom that he had been luck enough to experience in person.

Enjoy the mix below and if you haven’t already check out the full Dj Rashad lecture here. Teklife forever.



0 1 – JEPH ANTHONY – Sirens Of Heat [00:01]
0 2 – NOT.SO.SIMPLE – Dusty [03:31]
0 3 – VESPERTOWN – Royal Flash (Tokyo Hands Remix) [04:12]
0 4 – QUE – OG Bobby Johnson (Robokid RIP Remix) [06:35]
0 5 – JOKER – Digital Mainframe [09:39]
0 6 – HADE – R A S H A D [12:31]
0 7 – SANGO x GOLDLINK – Wassup (Nikes VIP) [17:25]
0 8 – BOREALISM – Shiver [21:01]
0 9 – 日本人 (JAPANESE) SUICIDE – Some Type Of Flower [26:00]
1 0 – GOLDENTONE – Chain (feat. Jimmy The Skeleton) [28:44]
1 1 – LAPALUX – Without You (Satchmo Screws x Le rêve Edit) [31:07]


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